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Research Programs

With three year operating grants the MCHRC supports a group of internationally recognized child health research programs.

The funding MCHRC provides allows these programs to leverage their existing resources and to secure additional external funding in order to move their respective research mandates forward.

In the current funding cycle (2012-2014) the MCHRC has provided operating grant support to the following programs.

The Offord Centre is dedicated to creating new knowledge that addresses the problems children and families face in the context of all the changes that society is going through. The Offord Centre works hard to share that knowledge so that parents, clinicians and policy makers have the information they need to develop programs and policies that will make a long-lasting difference.

CanChild generates new knowledge by researching health services and child health issues that are important for children and youth with a variety of chronic conditions. CanChild researchers do innovative research that gives children increased opportunities to thrive at home, at school and in the community.

The MPSRC is dedicated to advancing surgical care for children through research activities that are evidence-based, rigorous, accountable and translatable. The main goals of the MPSRC are to conduct, translate and disseminate clinical evidence-based surgery research focused on improving children's health.


The Metabolism And Childhood (MAC) Obesity Research Program integrates basic and clinical research to address the major impact childhood obesity has on our society. The MAC-Obesity Research Program is focused on translating world leading basic science into clinical practice to improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of obesity related health issues in children which will have a major impact on improving health along the entire lifespan.