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The ASD SSP provides a range of support services to educators in the Hamilton, Niagara and Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk regions. A detailed Menu of Services is attached below, that provides a range of ideas for educators accessing our program. 

Through decision-making processes that include in-school teams and school administration, board office special education personnel can request services such as the following examples of consultations, training, and resource development topics:



Working with Challenging Behaviour:

If you are having difficulties with a particularly challenging behaviour in your classroom environment or school, the ASD SSP can assist by providing you with consultation around these issues which you find particularly difficult. We can provide you with personalized training in function behaviour assessment, how to gather information on target behaviours, search for patterns, and discovering the reasons why students with ASD might engage in such challenging behaviours. We can also provide you with strategies on how to change or replace these behaviours.

Environmental Accommodations:

Perhaps you are setting up your classroom for the first time, it is your first time teaching a student with ASD, or you are simply wondering if your classroom is set up in the best possible manner to accommodate students with ASD. The ASD SSP can help you by observing your classroom set-up, and discuss with you what changes might work for your and your students.


Peer Awareness:

If you are interested in developing a Peer Awareness Session for the peers of students with ASD in your classroom or school environment, the ASD SSP consultants can assist you to both develop a experiential learning, literature, or video-based session for your students. We can assist you in planning sessions, examining sensitive issues related to Peer Awareness, and even help with your initial in-class presentations. The ASD SSP also has Peer Awareness Kits for all grade levels available through our Lending Library. Just contact the ASD SSP Librarian for your geographical area, listed under the Resources section of our website.

Brown Bag Lunch Series:

Many educators in your school environment may have questions that relate to the above topic samples, or many more related to supporting students with ASD. You may wish to consider a Brown Bag Lunch Series with your school staff, where ASD SSP consultants can provide a series of practical workshops focusing on behaviour and teaching strategies, or any topics about ASD. These sessions can be offered to your staff at your school, as informal sessions over your lunch hour.



Perhaps you know that a certain type of visual works well for your student with ASD, but you are unsure how to create your own. ASD SSP consultants can help you learn how to develop many types of practical, hands-on resources for the needs of your classroom, through a resource development Make-and-Take session. Some examples of successful sessions have included developing First-Then Boards, Visual Schedules, Social Narratives, and Power Cards.

Kits and Packages:

The ASD SSP has developed many kits and packages that can be accessed through your special education school board staff, or through our Lending Library. Kits such as the Filling in Today? Personalized Substitute Teacher/EA Kit, and packages such as the Meet Me at the Door, a concise package of tip sheets that assist in preparing for your first days with a student with ASD, are available through the ASD SSP. You may borrow our resources, or request electronic copies of our kits, packages, and more! Refer to the Resources section for further information and a downloadable list of available Lending Library resources.  

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