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Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)
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NRP:  Neonatal Resuscitation Program

About the Program

Training in the Neonatal Resuscitation Program is a three-step process including:

(1) A self-directed learning component,

(2) Successful completion of an on-line knowledge exam, and

(3) Attendance at a day-long classroom session for hands-on skill development, practice, and testing.

Our NRP instructors are a combination of nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, and midwives with substantial newborn care experience.

During our NRP courses, participants learn and work together as members of a neonatal resuscitation team.  All participants must learn and practice in the various roles of a neonatal resuscitation team.

As of February 2017, we have transitioned to the 7th Edition of the NRP Program.

7th Edition Course Descriptions

To best meet the learning needs of our course participants, the Simulation and Outreach Program will offer NRP courses according to a participant's experience level and current clinical role. Courses will be delivered to maximize learning according to whether participants are New Providers/Student Providers or Current Clinical Providers.

New Providers/Student Providers

Current Clinical Providers


This course will be targeted specifically to the learning needs of healthcare professionals who have not previously completed a NRP Provider course, those looking to enter a position involving newborn care, or those who do not regularly perform newborn resuscitation as part of their current clinical responsibilities.



 This course will be targeted specifically to the learning needs of healthcare professionals who currently provide newborn resuscitation as part of their clinical responsibilities, on a regular and on-going basis.


(1) MD, RM, RN, RPN, RRT, GRT, PCP, or IMG


(2) Student - Midwifery (Level 2/3/4)

Student -Medicine/Nursing/Respiratory/Paramedic  (final year of studies)



(1) MD, RM, RN, RPN, RRT, GRT, ACP, or CCP


(2) Responsible for providing newborn resuscitation within their current clinical role.

Course Content:

 - Covers Lessons 1-11

 - Includes: principles of resuscitation, initial steps of resuscitation, use of resuscitation devices, chest compressions, endotracheal intubation, laryngeal mask airway insertion, umbilical venous cannulation, medication administration, special considerations, and resuscitation of preterm infants and ethics and care at the End of Life.

- Requires successful completion of a Basic or Advanced Integrated Skills Assessment (practical test) according to the participant's legal scope of practice.


Course Outcome:

By completing either course, the outcome will be the same.  All successful participants will receive NRP Provider status issued by the Canadian Pediatric Society. NRP Provider cards will not indicate which type of course was completed.



During the 6th Edition course, the Simulation and Outreach Program offered two versions of NRP: Basic and Advanced. With the change to the 7th Edition, courses are no longer classified as being "Advanced" or "Basic". Please register for a course according to your experience level and current clinical role (see above).

NRP Course Details and Preparation

For essential details on how to obtain materials and to prepare for your classroom session, please use the following links:

Instructions for Current Clinical Provider Course Participants

Instructions for New Provider / Student Provider Course Participants


Course Duration

The classroom session is 8 hours in length. The classroom session includes skill stations, resuscitation practice stations, and a practical test, known as an Integrated Skills Assessment.  Most courses are scheduled from 0830-1630h, however, it is important to refer to your course registration confirmation for the schedule that applies to your specific classroom session.

Course Director

Andrew Latchman, MD, FRCPC

Course Coordinator

Kevin Middleton, RRT, BSc, MEd

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