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Autism Spectrum Disorder
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Ontario Autism Program Service Enhancement

The OAP Guidelines provide operational guidance for autism service providers and set expectations for the delivery of the OAP across the province. The OAP Guidelines will continue to evolve as we work with families, clinical experts and stakeholders to improve how the OAP is delivered. The OAP Guidelines have been updated as of January 15, 2018 to include the new Direct Funding option and program enhancements and will support regional providers to deliver Family Services and Training to all families in the program, while providing families with a choice to receive evidence based behavioural services through the regional provider or funding to purchase evidence based behavioural services through a private provider.

The OAP Clinical Framework was developed by the Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Expert Committee and is used, along with the OAP Guidelines, to guide clinicians who work with families to assess their child’s needs, and plan their behavioural services. The framework also helps families understand how their child’s needs are assessed, how behavioural intervention services are planned, how their child’s progress is reviewed, how transition planning is undertaken, and how their family is involved in these processes.

The OAP Information Sheet is a new document that provides families with information about the program and what service options are available to them. Families will receive this document from their Family Support Worker (title may differ across regional providers) to help make informed decisions about their service options.

The Family Guide to OAP Clinical Teams is a new document to help families understand the roles, responsibilities and qualifications of OAP clinical team members. It is to help families make informed choices about who they work with and how to assess the performance of their service providers, regardless of which service option families choose.

In the event that families have concerns about their child’s OAP Behaviour Plan, families should speak with their OAP service provider to discuss their concerns. If a family’s concerns cannot be resolved internally with their service provider, they can request an Independent Clinical Review of their child’s plan. Please refer to the Family Information on the Independent Clinical Review Process.  This new document helps families understand the steps in the Independent Clinical Review process.

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The new Independent Clinical Review (ICR) process for the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) is now available.

The ICR offers families and their children the opportunity to have key components of their OAP Behaviour Plan reviewed by a team of independent Clinical Reviewers.

For more information on the ICR, please visit or

Download ICR forms and information packages

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You're invited to the Ontario Autism Program Webinar for Practitioners

Are you a practitioner interested in learning more about the Ontario Autism Program (OAP)?

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services invites you to participate in a webinar to discuss the OAP, program enhancements that became effective on January 15, 2018, what the new changes mean for practitioners, how to support families and more. There will also be an opportunity to submit questions during the webinar.

WHO: All practitioners are welcome, including those providing OAP services to children, youth and families; those referring to the OAP; and those collaborating with OAP providers.

WHAT: An online webinar where Sarah Hardy and Jane Cleve will be reviewing information regarding the OAP, specifically information to support practitioners. There will be a presentation followed by a question and answer period. 

WHEN: March 22, 2018 from Noon - 1 p.m. (English) or April 11, 2018 from 7pm-8pm (English)

Please click here to register.

Let's talk about the OAP - we hope you can join us!

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