Autism Spectrum Disorder Program 


The Ministry of Children and Youth Services, in partnership with Autism Ontario, invites you to attend an interactive online engagement session about the recent changes to autism services. These online engagement sessions have been developed to provide you with information and respond to your questions. Click here for more information in English, or click here for more information in French.

Click here for a link to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services website for more information about the changes to the Ontario Autism Program.

NEW! April 5, 2017: Click here for a letter in English or click here for a letter in French from the Minister of Child and Youth Services, Minister Michael Couteau.


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We've Moved!

We are now located at:

The Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre
325 Wellington Street North
Hamilton, Ontario

We are located across from the Regional Rehabilitation Centre and the Hamilton General Hospital.

Check out our new floor! Click here to see the floor plan.

Available Services:

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Service provides assessment, treatment and consultation services for children and adolescents ranging in age from 2 to 18 years diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.  Training and support to families and professionals living and working with this population is also provided.  The overall goal of the Service is to maximize the potential for the person with ASD and enhance his or her ability to live and participate in the community.

There are many treatment services available for children and families in the ASD Service.  The specific plan of care for your child will depend on his/her needs and may include one or more of the following options:

  • information about ASD and how it affects the way a child with ASD thinks and looks at the world

  • behaviour therapy: proactive and reactive strategies

  • service coordination: assistance in helping parents understand the services available at McMaster Children's Hospital and the community, support in linking to these services

  • advocacy

  • speech-language intervention

  • social work support: parent support groups

Services are available for residents of the Hamilton region.

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Groups and Workshops:

The Social Worker of the ASD Service provides parent support workshops. Other community education workshops are published in the Community Education flyer and are distributed by mail to families who are registered with our service.


The ASD Service team is comprised of a variety of professionals working together to provide coordinated service to meet the needs of each individual with ASD and their family.  Team members include:

  • Developmental Pediatrician

  • Child Psychiatrist

  • Early Childhood Educators

  • Behaviour Therapist

  • Speech-Language Pathologist

  • Social Worker

A wide variety of other resources/professionals may be accesses from with the hospital and community to assist in providing service to children and families.