Pediatric Chronic Pain Program

The goal of the Pediatric Chronic Pain Program (PCPP) is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to cope with and manage your difficult-to-explain pain and to empower caregivers with the skills necessary to support their efforts.

The PCPP is made up of an experienced group of healthcare professionals who work together to manage and treat chronic pain. While working with our team, you may meet:

Our focus is on reducing the impact pain has on children, youth and their families. We understand that chronic pain can have a significant impact on physical health (being active), emotional health (thoughts and feelings), and social well-being (attending school, spending time with friends). Because of the complex nature of chronic pain, our team members work together to provide intense rehabilitation approach that focuses on each of these domains using the “3 P” approach.

3 P Approach 

Our interdisciplinary team involves experts in medical, psychological/psychosocial, and rehabilitative health. Together, we work with children, adolescents, and their families to develop and deliver an personalized treatment plan that centers around: