Who is eligible for these services?

Clinical neuropsychological services are available to select children and teens who have a neurological condition, or who have received trauma, surgery, or treatment that may have affected brain development.  Only some children/teens from designated clinics/physicians area seen given the highly specialized nature of this service.

How can a neuropsychological assessment help my child?

A neuropsychological assessment takes a "picture" of the many thinking and learning parts of the brain, including intellectual development, memory, attentional control, problem-solving, behaviour and many other areas.

A Neuropsychologist  is specially trained to understand the various cognitive abilities and relate them to brain development and the child's neurological condition.  A neuropsychological assessment can:

a)  Assist in the diagnosis of learning and behaviour disorders as they relate to medical treatments (e.g. cranial radiation, CNS chemotherapy), neurological conditions (e.g., seizures, encephalitis, brain trauma), or interventions (e.g. neurosurgery).

b) Monitor cognitive development and behaviour over time as the neurological condition changes.

c) Help the treatment team and family better understand the child's strengths and weaknesses in neurocognitive, behavioural, social and emotional domains.

 What is involved in a neuropsychological assessment?

Although the testing length varies somewhat from child to child, the first appointment will typically take most of the day ( until approximately 4 p.m.) with a lunch break around noon and periodic small breaks as needed. The assessment generally involves the following:

a) An interview by the Neuropsychologist with parents to gather information about the child's development and any parental concerns with respect to cognitive, motor, social emotional or academic progress.

b) The chld/teens works one on one with a Psychometrist through a battery of tests to measure cognitive development, problem-solving, attention, memory, language, spatial ability, sensory functioning, and motor development.

c)  Once testing is completed and all the results are available, another appointment  is scheduled a few weeks later for the Neuropsychologist to go over the results with the parent and then a report is written for the medical team and parent.

Is there anything special that I should bring to the appointment?

Where will the appointment take place?

Location:  2G Clinic (beside Information Desk main floor)

Children referred through the Oncology Service will report to Trish Desk 2 at the 2G clinic and those referred through the Medical/Surgical Teams will  also report to Trish, Desk 2  Business Clerk in the 2G Clinic.  You will receive a letter in the mail prior to your appointment containing more details.

Interdisciplinary Team

Dr. Cheryl Alyman ( Oncology)

Dr. Erin Warriner ( Medical/Surgical)



Every six months we survey families to ask your perceptions of care.  If you have any concerns, please contact Christine Chaston, Clinical Manager.

Referral Instructions:

Oncology Service 2G: Phone  (905) 521-2100 Ext. 75011 Fax: (905) 521-5056.   Medical/Surgical Services 2G: Phone (905) 521-2100 Ext. 75011; Fax (905) 521-5056.